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Women's Body Dreaming- Mustard by Cindy Wallace
Wonder Clips small plastic clips Pack of 50
Wonder Curve RulerWonder Curve Ruler
Wonder Curve Ruler
Sale price$43.50
Woofers Cushion PatternWoofers Cushion Pattern
Woofers Cushion Pattern
Sale price$17.50
Wool Poly Quilt Batting
Wool Poly Quilt Batting
Sale price$7.00
Wrens and Eucalyptus - Black by Patricia Weeks
Yellow Batik- Grevillia print #862
Yellow Bottlebrush Floral Emblem KitYellow Bottlebrush Floral Emblem Kit
Yellow/orange Batik- Bottlebrush print #896
Yeovil  on Parma GreyYeovil  on Parma Grey
Yeovil on Parma Grey
Sale price$7.00
Yukata Dottie Neibi M4807612Yukata Dottie Neibi M4807612
Yukata Kanji Neibi M4807312Yukata Kanji Neibi M4807312
Yukata Kanji Neibi M4807312
Sale price$7.00
Yukata Kasuri Neibi M4807413 DBlueYukata Kasuri Neibi M4807413 DBlue
Yukata Medarion-AMA Natural ML4807119
Yukata Ori Kumo M4807517Yukata Ori Kumo M4807517
Yukata Ori Kumo M4807517
Sale price$7.00
Yuwa Eleanor Roses print 816680-D burgundy
Yuwa Roses 111318-1 linen coloured background
Yuwa Roses 111318-6 grey coloured background
Yuwa Roses 111318-7 cream coloured background
Zip It Quilt Pattern Card
Zip It Quilt Pattern Card
Sale price$6.00
‘Flypast’ by Louise Papas Quilt Kit with Pattern‘Flypast’ by Louise Papas Quilt Kit with Pattern
‘Flypast’ Quilt Pattern
‘Flypast’ Quilt Pattern
Sale price$17.50
‘Grace’ Jelly Roll - by Brenda Riddle‘Grace’ Jelly Roll - by Brenda Riddle
‘Heart of Christmas’ Stitchery

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